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About Us


The Lewis Farms country store is open 363 days a year. Our customers love it when they can come in to get everything they need in one stop.  


From the late spring through the fall you can buy seasonal flowers and vegetables. 


Our bakery is open year round and the aroma of freshly baked products fill the air every day.


We craft artisan breads, savorys including stuffed breads and pot pies, and a splendid variety

of sweet treats including cookies, cream puffs, eclairs, danish and donuts.


A soft serve ice cream stand was added in 2014 to add to the summer fun.

We sell cones, waffle cones, milkshakes and sundaes.


Many fine gifts are on display throughout the rest of our store.

Choose from candy, condiments, home decor and novelty items. 

Lewis Farms Southington CT has fresh produce

Your One Stop for Farm Fresh Produce, Flowers, Baked Goods, Ice Cream and Gifts in Southington



384 Belleview Avenue

Southington, CT 06489

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Call Us:  860-628-9736

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Lewis Farms Southington CT for fresh produce, ice cream and a country store

A Southington Connecticut Farm Store Open All Year Long

Call Us:  860-628-9736